Welcome to My Web Site

While I am about to claim that I have already designed several websites, may I say beforehand that I have not designed this home page to serve as a demo site (yet).  I am currently too immersed in work for my customers that I barely find time to create a web site that is dedicated to my shameless self promotion.

This home page is a simple index of most of the work I have done so far.  Instead of attempting to impress you with a website designed to promote myself, may I just invite you to look at my works.


Below are the web sites I have designed and developed.  These sites, more or less, serve as my live portfolio.

Site Name Online since
Windsong Christian Music Ministries Inc. MAR 1998
SLTrack - Shot List Tracker APR 2001
WaypointsDotPH JUL 2001
Spirit Barkada OCT 2001
SLU Boys High 75 Online Directory NOV 2002
Reef Life FEB 2007

Below are websites which I have helped Code, and/or Host.

Site Name Involvement Online since
ChachaVG Designs C H Aug 1998
Interiors By Romano H May 2002
Laluz Beach Resort C H

Dec 2002

Nami Resorts - Boracay C H Jan 2003
Ciara Creates C H Jul 2004
Sea-Cid (SCUBA) C H Aug 2004
PalmBeach Hugom C H Mar 2005
Batang Sayantist C H Apr 2006
Bortektoo C Jun 2007

For comments or inquiries regarding the sites,
please send me an email

Thank you for visiting,

Ed P. P. Garcia